TabbyPOS Weekly Update 30 AUG 2023

We have received a grant from the Solana Foundation, and in order to secure the full amount, certain conditions related to device sales need to be met. Regardless, this is a significant boost for us, affirming that we are on the right track and gaining recognition from the Solana Foundation. If you’re interested in learning about the conditions and details of the grant, feel free to have a direct conversation with LEE.

In last month’s weekly update, we mentioned the transparency of the TabbyPOS device. Today, we can conveniently use this image for explanation purposes. Once our devices are successfully integrated onto the IoTeX blockchain, the TabbyPOS devices will be represented on this map as individual illuminated lights, each displaying the device’s name. For those who are interested, you can also check the following link:

On the research and development front, the team is feeling positive pressure now that we know the final product release date. Let’s all work together and give it our best!