TabbyPOS Weekly Update 28 JUN 2023

This week, we successfully completed a long-pending task — Wallet Transaction (Payment) Monitoring. Additionally, we developed a tool for stress testing transactions with 1000 ERGO wallet addresses. If no major issues arise, this means that Tabby APP will soon be ready to accept deposits, completing the final pieces of the Tabby APP puzzle. Overall, the progress in the development department is going smoothly.

In the future, we will face greater challenges in terms of business operations, sales, EPOS coin price, utilization of EPOS Token, community expansion, promotion, and legal matters. We have begun studying peers and predecessors in order to understand their experiences, learn from them, and supplement our shortcomings.

Here are some peers in the TabbyPOS industry:

  1. Pundi X (
  2. Cyclebit (
  3. WhitePay (
  4. PallaPay (
  5. Salamantex (
  6. Elly (

Pundi X is a leader in the cryptocurrency POS machine field, with a market value even greater than ERGO. Therefore, they are our best learning reference.