TabbyPOS Weekly Update 13 SEP 2023

The google play store and iOS app store qrcode are sample.

This week, we are introducing one of the fantastic features of TabbyPOS — the Membership Harvester. Merchants only need customers to input their phone numbers on TabbyPOS, and their phone numbers will be automatically registered as members, earning them ERGO as a consumption reward.

Here’s the conversation between the cashier and the customer

Cashier: Dear customer, your bill amount is RM258. Would you like to join our loyalty program?

Customer: No, I need to leave now instead of spending time on registration and filling out forms.

Cashier: It’s easy, just enter your mobile number here, and you’ll receive your royalty ERGO Coin.

Customer: Alright. (Customer enters mobile number on TabbyPOS Device…)

Cashier: Here’s your tutorial, and you’ll also receive an SMS notification. 🙂

4-Way Win:

– Customers receive ERGO Coin as a loyalty reward.

– Merchants gain a new member.

– Tabby App welcomes a new user.

– Ergo’s community grows with one more person.

TabbyPOS Royalty Program Video Link: