TabbyPOS Weekly Update 12 JUL 2023

This week, we are focusing on refining some details. For example, in the traditional method of receiving ERG, we will print the QR code for ERG payment on the receipt. Users can simply scan and pay using iOS’s Terminus or Android’s ErgoWallet, eliminating the need for manual input of the amount. (Applicable in scenarios where immediate payment is not required.)

After watching our Ergo anniversary celebration video, some users provided feedback suggesting that the ERG amount should be displayed during settlement and enlarged on the receipt. We have taken these suggestions into account and made the necessary modifications.

To promote TabbyPOS, we have also started preparing some merchandise such as clothing, mugs, hats, and more to give to our users and supporters. The final designs are yet to be finalized.

The deposit and withdrawal features are almost complete and are expected to be ready in about two weeks.

Furthermore, we have begun the development of BinancePay functionality as it will bring us additional resources.

Finally, attached are the trend charts for EPOS coin price and TVL (Total Value Locked). TabbyPOS has climbed from the last position to a middle position, indicating that our supporters have returned and are beginning to believe in the project’s feasibility and the reliability of our team. Thank you so much for your support.