TabbyPOS Weekly Update 07 JUN 2023

This week, we have marked one of our tasks, “TabbyPOS official website and store,” as completed, although it’s not perfect. We have addressed some minor details on the TabbyPOS official website, such as missing pages and non-clickable links. The payment gateway has also been successfully installed, and the website is now ready for transactions. Currently, we only accept local payments from Malaysia (we apologize for not supporting ERGO payments at the moment, and we feel regretful about it).

Another task, the Merchant Portal, is progressing rapidly. Based on the current progress, we expect to announce its completion and entry into the testing phase in two weeks’ time.

Regarding the invitation to new team members last week, the individual has not yet accepted, and we will continue our efforts to further negotiate.

The other tasks are still under development, and there are no significant updates worth reporting. One of our team members is responsible for researching how to set up Yield Farming, which appears to be quite challenging.

In addition, we have some small news to disclose. We are trying get some funding and exposure opportunities from IoTeX, but everything is still in the early stages. We share this openly here to maintain transparency with the community. However, until we achieve success, it’s not something to celebrate just yet.