TabbyPOS Dev Update 31-MAY-2023

After several days of effort, the Merchant Portal Window version has caught up with the progress. Merchants can now log in and view payment records, among other things. It is predicted that in another three weeks, the portal will be ready for merchants to use.

Ever since listing on CoinmarketCap and Coingecko, as well as attending various offline blockchain events, we have been receiving a multitude of emails, Telegram messages, and tweets every day. Some are advertisements, some are inquiries about our products, some are partnership requests, and others are invitations to join the ecosystem.

In order to explore more opportunities and avenues, we have been accepting almost all inquiries, even conducting some research on advertisements. However, the volume has become overwhelming, so we plan to invite a Business Manager to handle these matters. Hopefully he will agree to join our team next week, and I will introduce him then.

By the way, the Staker Round for $EPOS TOKEN was completely released yesterday. I’m not sure if this means that the coin price will no longer decline. Recently, we have noticed that other ecosystem projects in Ergo have been performing well, such as DuckPool, Auction House, and Bass. We also admire their success, which reminds us that as long as our product development goes smoothly, investors will continue to have confidence in Ergo’s ecosystem projects.