TabbyPOS Dev Update 24-MAY-2023

This week starts with a bad news. The development progress of our team on the Merchant Portal has been extremely slow, and at the current pace, it’s evident that we won’t be able to complete it before the third quarter of 2023. However, we don’t blame any team members for this because we are a team and share the responsibility for the challenges we face.

To address this problem, we have planned to implement a temporary solution by rapidly developing a Windows version of the Merchant Portal. Although it may not be as user-friendly as the web version, we believe it can serve as a transitional solution since we don’t anticipate a large user base initially.

Apart from this, we haven’t encountered any major issues so far and remain confident in our ability to complete the task on time. Now, moving on to another piece of bad news, which was actually expected. We understand that our application is bound to be rejected, but we wanted to gauge how far we still have to go.

After conducting thorough research, we have identified the following areas that we currently lack:

  1. Active community — At least 5,000 active Twitter followers or 5,000 active Telegram members.
  2. Feasible projects — Operational projects.

Last week, we attended a university blockchain course promotional event with the main purpose of networking with industry professionals. Coincidentally, the head of Malaysia’s largest blockchain community was also present on that day. We successfully accomplished our mission by shaking hands with him, taking a photo together, and introducing ERGO and TabbyPOS. 🙂

People call him Malaysia CZ. 🙂

We have received three pre-orders, but we have encountered some issues related to EPOS TOKEN and Revenue issue. We are exploring a better, more convenient, and transparent solution to address this problem, and we hope to present it to everyone for feedback and suggestions next week.

Merchant Portal (web) become Grey 🙁