TabbyPOS Dev Update 03-MAY-2023

Although there was a holiday in the past two weeks, we have not been idle. We utilized the holiday period to organize a large amount of information and apply to list TabbyPOS on Coin and CoinMarketCap. Since the successful application, CEX agents have come to us in droves, some of whom are scammers. As we were also curious about the operational mechanisms of CEX listings, we engaged in extensive communication and learned about the specific conditions of each exchange. Of course, we always ended our discussions with the following statement:

"Thank you for your offer.
Currently our team is relatively small and our funding is limited,
so we do not yet have the capability to listing to your exchange.
However, we hope to stay in touch with you
because we believe that as our team, community and project
continue to develop, we will become better. In the future,
we look forward to the opportunity to work with you."

Here are some “$key points$” that we have summarized and shared with the community:

A blockchain payment solution integrates a hardware terminal with
POS software that seamlessly merges the blockchain with real-world
business operations

TabbyPOS is a cash register terminal that supports cryptocurrency payments.
It can handle various tasks for merchants, such as sales, settlement,
and inventory management, as well as providing the ability to accept
cryptocurrency payments. In addition, this cash register terminal
features a built-in membership system that can convert points into
cryptocurrency. TabbyPOS also records transaction history and cashier
information and generates management reports such as sales and inventory
reports. With these functions, TabbyPOS is an efficient and reliable cash
register terminal that can help merchants improve sales management and
customer service levels.

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